be fit for,in good health,good at operating…



·We cannot emphasize the importance of protecting our eyes too


·通过….:By doing exercise,we can always stay healthy.

·…能够使我们…:Listenting to music enables us feel relaxed.

·我们绝不能…:On no account can we ignore the value of the

·…是值得的:It pays to help others.

·..以..为基础:The progress of the society is based on harmony.



·I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble fitting in your new
school.Such problems are quite normal.    Perhaps the following
suggestions are helpful.

·I have received your letter saying you plan to play a visit to
China for ten days next month. Perhaps the following suggestions are
helpful to you

·I’m writing to you to present what I think on the further
improvement of our hotel so as to attract more clients

·I’m very glad to receive your letter asking for my advice on
how to fit
in the new school life.Here are a few suggestions

·I’m very glad to have received your e-mail.    Now I’m writing to
give you some advice on how to learn English well in high school.

·It’s necessary for you to read some books about these places before
you come to see them with your own eyes. With more knowledge about
these places
, you will have a better understanding of Chinese
history and culture.

·First of all, you should listen to the teacher carefully and take
notes in class so that you can go over your lessons as soon as you can
after class.

·As is known to all , vocabulary is of great importance. You
spend half an hour in the morning reciting words and reading
texts aloud.

·Whaf s more, try to communicate with your classmates in English
out of class. Only in this way can you improve your listening and
spoken English quickly.

·Last but not least, you should develop the habit of keeping a
diary, which helps improve your written English and helps you go
the words and expressions that you have learnt

· I hope these suggestions will be of use to you. Remember: where
there is a will, there is a way

·I hope that my suggestions are helpful for you anyway. I would be
more than happy to see improvement.



Dear Editor-in-Chief,

Congratulations on the 5th anniversary of Global Mirror! I’m a
regular reader of your newspaper. I like it so much that I
hardly miss any copy.  There are many advantages of Global
Mirror.  ·Firstly, Global Mirror covers both national and
international news. By simply turning the pages, I can know all
important things that have happened both home and abroad.           
          ·Besides, the success stories of world-famous people 
are also attractive to me, which help me learn a lot from them. 
    ·In a word, thanks to Global Mirror, we are well-informed
and keep up with the changing world. 

·As a young student, I wish that I can be a master of English
language. Therefore, I suggest that Global Mirror provide articles
about English learning for us.

·Finally, I hope that Global Mirror will become more and more
Thank you for your time!

 Sincerely yours, Li Hua

提高improve,提供provide,吸引attractive,advantage,serious account
认真考虑,sincerely hope

covers both national and international news.

by simply turned the pages

important things that have happened both home and abroad.

where there is a will,there is a way.

be of use to you.  be helpful for you

·I’m pleased to hear that you’re coming to China for a visit.


  Dear Wang Qishan,

I am a senior in Peking University. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
is coming in two years. After watching the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, I
can not help writing to you.

  First of all, here is my suggestion for the preparation work of the
2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The construction work of the sports building
must be completed in time according to the contract. In Athens, the
swimming stadium was not accomplished in time so that the event had to
be held in the open air, which has brought negative effect on the
performance of athletes. In one word, to protect the international image
of China and ensure the Olympic competition, we must finish our
preparation work well and in time.

  Last but not least important, I want to express my wish to be a
volunteer. In the first place, it is the duty of every Chinese to do his
bit for the 2008 Olympic Games. In the second place, I have a good
command of foreign languages. I can speak English, Russian, and
Japanese. Therefore I can be a qualified volunteer.

  I am looking forward to your reply

  Sincerely Yours

  Li Ming

There is no denying the fact that..

There is no denying the fact that sucessful business lies in healthy
body and mind.

I am greatly convinced..

among various kinds of sports,i like jogging in particular.

in my opinion,…not only take up much time but also harmful to our

according to my personal experience,

perhaps the following suggestion are helpful










  Dear Peter,

  I’m glad to receive your letter asking for my advice on how to learn
Chinese well.